• Personal care
  • Bathing, washing, dressing and toileting
  • Medication management
  • Shopping, laundry, domestic tasks, food preparation, collection pensions , prescriptions
  • Promoting independence and social inclusion
  • Private companionship. Sitting service to provide relieffor existing carers
  • End life care
  • We are Dementia specialists
  • Welfare checks
  • O - Offer personalised care packages
  • L - Link personalisation with appropriate funding
  • D - Discuss opportunities for change
  • F - Formulate partnerships that enhance our business
  • R - Respond effectively to all complaints/comments
  • I - Innovate care solutions that encourage independence
  • E - Encourage open and honest communication
  • N - Negotiate resources that enhance good practice
  • D - Drive success from the top down
  • S - Stand by the values and principles of care
  • To treat you as an individual, with courtesy, honesty and respect your dignity in line with the dignity challenge
  • help you to maintain your chosen lifestyle 
  • Work in partnership with you to provide the care you need
  • Involeve you in decisions and give you enough choices to make your won informed choices
  • Respect your views and enable you to influence service developments

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Statement of purpose

Key Inspection Report

Service User Guide

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